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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

You're looking at this wondering what the heck this is huh? This is a menstrual cup. This cup is designed to be inserted into your vaginal area to capture the blood from your menustration. It doesn't dry out 🏜 your vagina like tampons are known to and helps preserve healthy bacteria that protects you from vaginal infections. I mean do you really want a soaked tampon in your lady parts for any length of time? 🤢 We won't even discuss those pads. 🤐 Menstrual cups aren't associated like with toxic shock syndrome (TSS) which is a rare , life-threatening condition mostly linked to tampon use. Once you get the hang of inserting this cup in you will not go back to tampons or pads again. I reccomend you wear a cloth liner if you're not 100% comfortable going with out any extra protection . If you're interested in trying one we have them available online and at our physical site $ 10

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